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Spider veins laser removal in Berlin | Inkless

The permanent removal of spider veins ...

Spider veins can disturb the own body feeling - the small but clearly visible veins do not represent a disease, but often a serious aesthetic problem. Especially when the legs are fully shaved, these veins are often clearly visible in blue and red colors. A permanent removal by the latest IPL technology solves this cosmetic problem. These are the details of the treatment:

 Treatment process for Spider Veins

1) Contact Us
As a first contact, you can contact us directly via our website or by phone: +49 (0) 30 880 667 66 or per mail:


3) Treatment (1-2 sessions)
The treatment of spider veins is very purposeful, precisely in the area where the small veins are located in the upper skin area. In doing so, we use a modern IPL device to heat the veins with short light pulses and thus to permanently close them. With high precision, a complete removal of the spider veins is ensured in a maximum of two sessions.




2) Free Pre-examination
The free preliminary investigation is an important part in the removal of spider veins. In this step, we ensure that our treatment is adapted to you, we will gladly take the time to meet you personally.
4) Aftercare
Spider veins removal is a "teamsport". Your share is to take care of the area after the treatment. The freshly closed veins are at first slightly reddish, over the course of the next days they are turning wholly white until they have completely disappeared. To guarantee a good healing process, we offer care products that help your skin to regenerate faster.

What are spider veins?

More than 50% of all women experience spider veins in the course of their lives. These are irregularities of the skin, in which veins lying directly under the skin surface are clearly visible to the outside. The veins, which are often blue and red, are highly branched and change the skin's image permanently.

Spider veins are due to an increasing weakening of the connective tissue in the skin with an additional diminishing function of veins, which carry the blood back to the heart. As a result, the pressure in the veins increases, and small branches become more visible as they expand. Spider veins are the most common in the legs, which can become a significant aesthetic problem in the summer and with shaved skin. But there are methods to remove them by pulsted light, so do not hesitate to let us help you.

"In my summer, when I wanted to wear skirts, I often felt my legs look just ugly. InkLess did not just take away the fear of the pain, but also finally my spider veins. Thanks for the fact that I like skirts in the summer again!“  

Nicole (25), educator in Berlin

Which advantages does the IPL provide for the removal of spider veins?

Gentle method
Firstly, IPL is the most gentle method of removal. Compared to the use of chemical sclerotics, which are injected into the corresponding veins and can cause significantly stronger pain. In addition, there is the risk of an inflammation or wound in case of a false injection outside the vein. As a result, both the pain load and the risks are significantly higher in conventional methods.
Secondly, the use of IPL is the much faster way of removing spider veins. Because conventional methods often use either pressure bandages or support stockings to stabilize the area. This may take up to a few weeks for the desired result to be achieved, while our treatment is already fully finalized in a few days and does not require any further aids in post-treatment. With additional healing creams, the process can be further accelerated.
Ultimately, the closure of the veins also allows a permanent reduction in the likelihood that new spider veins can form because the occluded veins are broken down over time. Reduce your risk to get spider veins again. The skin is not injured during the treatment, because the light pulses only have a fraction of a second.

How can Spider Veins permanently be removed by IPL?

With our treatment it is possible to easily and painlessly remove the annoying spider veins. In the treatment of these small veins, energy is transmitted to them through very short light pulses with a special IPL device. These heat up to 70 ° C and close permanently. The procedure is extremely painless, well proven, and provides a safe way to permanently remove the spider veins.

If a serious disease of the underlying veins is excluded (medical preliminary examination), the treatment can immediately begin. Our trained staff ensures that both fast and gentle results in the treatment are to be expected.