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Permanent Make-Up Removal, professional & painless | Inkless

Permanent Make-Up Removal might have various reasons

The original thought behind the „permanent“ make-up is often to safe time. Sometimes it is the catch-phrase that “you never have to put on make-up again manually”. In other times women with eyesight deficits want to become independent in putting on their make-up. Unfortunately it can happen that this permanent make-up is just not modern after year. Or even worse – the quality of the cosmetic tattoo does not meet the expectation of the customer. Since permanent make-up is applied in the facial region, it is strongly advised to consult only experts with its removal.

 Treatment process for Permanent Make-Up

1) Contact Us
Contact us directly – either per telephone via +49 (0)30 880 667 66 or per e-mail at:


3) Test Treatment
In order to see how your skin and the permanent make-up colors (specifically red and black) react to the treatment and to take away the fear of pain, we will start with a very small test laser treatment (approximately 1 cm²).
2) Free Pre-examination
Our free pre-examination guarantees that the treatment plan is individualized for your skin-type as well as the size, color and age of your permanent make-up. Each permanent make-up is different and in order to achieve the best possible treatment, we want to take our time to get to know you personally.
4) Treatment (Multiple Sessions)
Normally, a permanent make-up removal will take up to 10 and more sessions to fully remove the ink. We are using quality-awarded modern Nd:YAG laser systems to guarantee a fast treatment without complications.
5) Pauses (between Treatments)
In between the treatments, the skin needs to recover 30-45 days. This will give your body enough time to regenerate and deal with the wound. To support this healing process, a special aftercare with healing products is recommended. Follow-up appointments can be immediately scheduled on site.
6) Aftercare
Permanent make-up removal is a “team sport”, which requires your involvement to be successful. Your aftercare influences how the healing proceeds. With a regular aftercare based on specialized healing products, you can save time and reduce the chance for scars.

What do I need to consider with permanent make-up?

Cosmetic tattoos in most of the cases are unfortunately not permanent. Every day, the human face undergoes exposures, such as constant washing, sunlight and therefore also UV-rays. As a result, the tattoos in these regions are bleaching more rapid, the colors are not as sharp and precise as they used to be after the stitching. Additionally, even small mistakes in facial tattoos can be recognized rather fast.

InkLess understands, that the facial area is a very sensitive body part. Therefore our experts are trained to deal with facial tattoos (such as the eyebrow tattoos). Our team is supported by working material of highest quality, such as a Nd:YAG laser, which allow a precise and skin sensitive laser removal of the permanent make-up.

How many sessions are required?

Many customers are looking for a fast laser permanent make-up removal – out of an understandable motivation. However, we want to manage your expectations realistically. Generally a permanent make-up removal requires multiple sessions to fully vanish. In each of the sessions, the remaining ink in the skin is targeted by the laser and parts of it are slowly digested by the lymph-system. Depending on the number of colors, their composition, the type and depth of the permanent make-up, the intensity of the stitching as well as own body properties like the immune system – the speed to remove the permanent make-up can vary substantially. Normally, a complete permanent make-up removal will take up to 10 and more sessions and is influenced by the mentioned factors.

Permanent make-up can be removed faster if …

… less color was injected during the stitching process. The more color is beneath the skin, the longer the removal process will take.
… the tattoo is undergoing a treatment in a regular interval (larger pauses in-between the sessions can reduce the efficiency).
… the client actively performs an aftercare with high-quality healing products.
Immune System
… the client has a healthy immune system, which is fit to transport the ink particles.

The correct aftercare

With the right aftercare method, permanent make-up can be removed even faster and the chances for scars are minimized. For your personal aftercare, please notice that in the first days after the treatment, the skin is very sensitive. Hence, following tips should help you to optimize your personal aftercare:

No cosmetics
Cosmetics, with the exception of special aftercare healing products should be avoided completely.
Intense sport such as swimming or sauna in the first two weeks can lead to wound openings and scars.
No Sun
Direct sunlight, solarium and other UV light should be avoided to prevent unwanted interruptions in the healing process.
Cooling & Disinfection
After the treatment the skin should be cooled and additionally disinfected multiple times during the first days to prevent infections.
The first days
Keep the treated skin dry and air-sealed if possible. After 2-3 days, you can start to use pure water for cleansing.