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Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Berlin | Inkless

The permanent removal of hair ...

... with SHR (Super Hair Removal) has been an integral part of aesthetic body treatments for many years. Compared to a conventional IPL (Intense pulsed light) treatment, it offers two main advantages: a quick success and a low-pain treatment. For the permanent removal of hair there are many good reasons: time saving, the complete saving expensive razor and a unique body feeling. The permanent hair removal with SHR is now easier and safer than ever, with proven technology and trained users, the visit to InkLess is your first step towards permanently smooth skin.

 Treatment process for Permanent Hair Removal

1) Contact Us
As a first contact, you can contact us directly via our website or by phone: +49 (0) 30 880 667 66 or per mail:


3) Treatment (multiple sessions)
Before the treatment, the region should have been shaved. Ideally between the last shave and the treatment for permanent hair removal should be 2-3 days, so that the hair can absorb the energy. For each treatment, only the hair that is in the growth phase (anagen phase) can be treated successfully. The exact number of necessary treatments can not be determined exactly in advance. In our experience, in most cases 6-8 sessions are necessary.
2) Free Pre-examination
By the free preliminary examination we guarantee that our treatments are adapted to your skin type and the hairiness. Each patient is individually and to ensure the greatest possible treatment success, we would like to take the time to get to know you.
4) Breaks
Normally about 15-30% of the hair is in this phase, which is why several treatments are necessary to permanently remove all hair. As a result, we recommend a break of 4-8 weeks between sessions, which corresponds approximately to the cycle of hair growth. With regular appointments, you minimize the total number of treatments and will get faster permanent hair-free skin.
5) Aftercare
Hair removal is a "team sport". You can do your part by following the right aftercare. As a tattoo removal, you should also avoid intense sunlight or solarium before and after a hair removal treatment. A balanced skin care program will thank your skin! The InkLess team in Berlin will be pleased to advise you on the correct aftercare.

How does permanent hair removal with SHR work?

Spider veins are due to an increasing weakening of the connective tissue in the skin with an additional diminishing function of veins, which carry the blood back to the heart. As a result, the pressure in the veins increases, and small branches become more visible as they expand. Spider veins are the most common in the legs, which can become a significant aesthetic problem in the summer and with shaved skin. But there are methods to remove them by pulsted light, so do not hesitate to let us help you.

Hair removal by means of SHR (Super Hair Removal) permanently interrupts the growth of the hair. In our skin, the hair roots normally produce hair again and again - conventional methods such as shaving, waxing or chemical removal are not permanent, because the hair roots themselves remain intact. The goal of a hair removal by SHR is thus to permanently interrupt the production of the hair at its root, by this is degenerated and can not produce any more hair.

For this purpose, hair roots must be heated to at least 45 ° C - because of the temperature, they become permanently deadened and thus produce no more hair. In order to protect the surrounding skin, the SHR method of InkLess uses only a very short beam of light (pulse) to prevent burns around the hair roots. The outer skin layer remains unaffected, while the hair itself directs the energy into the root by its own color (melanin). This leads to the heating and obliteration of the root.

"In my summer, when I wanted to wear skirts, I often felt my legs look just ugly. InkLess did not just take away the fear of the pain, but also finally my spider veins. Thanks for the fact that I like skirts in the summer again!“  

Nicole (25), educator in Berlin

What advantages offers permanent hair removal via SHR?

Newest technology
The SHR (Super Hair Removal) is a further development of the predecessor IPL (Intense Pulse Light). In the earlier IPL method, short impulses with very high energies were delivered, which could lead to burns of the skin and pain. Our procedure guarantees a gentle treatment.
All Skin- and Hairtypes
In addition, many different hair and skin types can be treated with this method. SHR also allows us to treat very light hairs, since the melanin is no longer the only influencing factor. In addition, in contrast to IPL, even darker skin types can be handled gently and without problems.
In the SHR method, a longer heating is set. 6-10 light pulses are emitted at short intervals (up to 10 per second). Thus, not only the melanin of the hair is addressed, but also the tissue of the stem cells is slowly and gently heated. The temperature rises to only about 45 ° C, which is perceived as a pleasant warmth, no burns and a much more gentle treatment.

Why are several treatments required for the complete removal of the hair by SHR?

The hair roots in the skin are not permanently active. At the same time, 15-30% of the hair roots are still active - the hair is produced during the growth phase, while the remaining roots remain in the resting state. All the hair that is in the growth phase reacts to the treatment and then directs the energy to the hair roots and destroys them. All dormant hair roots are not affected by this process.

The course of the hair growth takes place in stages and only in the growth phase a hair can permanently be removed. To make sure that all the hair is removed completely, it is worth taking a break between treatments 4-12 weeks. Thus further hair roots reach the growth phase and are permanently removed in the next treatment. Overall, between 6-8 sessions are needed to completely remove the site from hair. As a customer, you will see a new success between each session, because the density of the hair growth decreases steadily until no more hair is present.