Laser tattoo removal by Inkless

Laser Tattoo Removal, Permanent Make-Up-Removal and Age Marks Removal

Professional laser-therapy that nurses your skin

InkLess follows the concept of a painless and extraordinary skin-protective laser tattoo removal to prevent scars. Within this concept, we follow the principle of customer centricity. Our experience and laser experts ensure an individual treatment of each customer.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Our treatment for the tattoo removal is exclusively based on most modern technology, such as the Nd Yag lasers, which ensure a skin-protective treatment. With the usage of modern clinical cooling devices during the removal, any pain is reduced to a minimum. Additional post-treatment skincare helps to prevent scars from building. Explore more about our treatment approach for laser tattoo removal.

Permanent Make-Up Removal

As with other cosmetic tattoos, you should only let experts remove your permanent make-up. Often cosmetic tattoos tend to fade away over time or even worse – they are being wrongly created initially. If you are unsatisfied with the results of your permanent make-up, then consult our specialized personal and create your individual removal plan. Explore more about our permanent make-up removal approach.

Age Marks Removal

Age-related skin coloring such as age marks can be completely removed in only a few treatments. Usually these marks are clusters of melanin (body’s own skin coloring) and are visually distracting. With the help of a laser removal treatment, these marks can be permanently removed within a short session. Use the opportunity to look younger again and explore our age marks removal approach.

Laser Tattoo Removal at InkLess

About us

We founded InkLess in 2015 with the clear aspiration to provide laser tattoo removal at the highest possible level for our customer. Hence, from the beginning, we consequently follow the approach to use the best quality working material and the expertise of our trained specialists – both of which exceeds market standards. InkLess therefore always tries to remove tattoos with in respect of the individual customer demand – as painless and as efficient as possible.

We use our collective experience to create an individual treatment plan for you, with dedicated aftercare and specially design healing specimen. The risk for scars is going to be minimized through a detailed pre-briefing and a dedicated aftercare explanation. Our experts in Berlin are looking forward to offer you a cost-free consultation appointment. Contact us today as the first step towards your laser tattoo removal.



Customer Satisfaction

InkLess consequently follows the concept of customer centricity. In order to gain your fullest satisfaction with the tattoo removal, the permanent make-up removal or the age marks removal, we use your feedback as a means to continuously improve our services.


To guarantee the quality of our services, we exclusively use the newest technology and expert practitioners. Our recommended aftercare after each treatment is based on pythotherapy with 100% natural ingredients.


Hygiene is a strict requirement for any laser treatment of your skin, because sterile environments reduce the risk for scare development and further increase the speed of your healing process.

Opening Hours

We understand that laser tattoo removal and your other appointments need to be harmonized. Therefore InkLess is happy to adjust our appointments based on your time schedule and offers treatments at non-working ours as well as the weekends.


Expertise with laser therapy allows us to provide you a professional treatment with maximized rates of success. We therefore pay very close attention to the selection of our staff. Each individual has a year-long track record in the natural health practitioner industry.

Modern Technology

Inkless exclusively uses quality ensured q-switched laser systems, which are specifically designed for the skin therapy. In order to structure the treatment as mild as possible, we additionally use high quality air cooling devices.